Monday, August 19, 2013

School bus safety--advice for parents

Today is the first day of school for some kids, others are already in school. Many kids take the bus  instead of being dropped off.

In fact, the big yellow bus passes in front of my house twice a day. My own child took the bus.

So one thing you have to think about is bullying--emphasized by the awful Florida incident of three larger kids whaling on a 13-yr-old--it was on the news.

But even worse are accidents--the Cincinnati Children's Hosp Medical Center says 19 kids die in crashes each year.

Some tips:

The child should arrive at the bus stop 5 mins before the bus, so no running in front of the vehicle. No horseplay--pushing in front of the bus (there is a huge blind spot). Also no going into the street to watch for the bus.

When boarding or leaving, kids should walk single file--no loose strings on sweatshirts or backpacks to catch in railings.

Sit facing forward, keeping the aisle empty.

Kids should not hassle or distract the driver.

When getting off--wait until the bus stops. If the child must cross in front of the bus, the child should wait until the driver signals it's OK. Kids should stay 5 giant steps in front of the bus to avoid the blind spot.

If the kid drops something, tell them to ask the driver to help.

Jeez, taking the bus is a minefield of danger!

Just kidding--I hope.

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