Monday, August 05, 2013

School opening can mean more asthma

Eighty thousand kids a day miss school because of asthma--the worst time being at opening, when conditions are worse for this disease.

One kid reports that she always gets sick when school starts--so she is already falling behind.

According to Kirstin Carel, MD, a pediatric allergist at National Jewish Health in Denver, the kids come in stuffed in viruses, the Fall pollen hits, and also kids may have slacked off on their meds over the summer.

Triple whammy.

Kids should restart asthma meds two weeks before school, if they quit over the summer. You want to keep the inflammation down as much as possible.

Just as with school supplies, make asthma planning an annual ritual.

Make sure the meds are not expired.

Make an appt with the school nurse to be sure the medications are there and can be given.

Teach the kids good hygiene--handwashing and so on--to keep away infectious agents.

But above all--put in extra effort in Fall.

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