Monday, August 26, 2013

Walt is no genius

I was going to write about how we are not prepared for a pandemic, and I thought, it's hot, August, why not something lighter--like becoming a horrible criminal?

The actor Samuel L. Jackson was on a dopey after-show they have for AMC's BREAKING BAD and said he came onboard the show from the beginning when Walter, who found out he had cancer, decided to put aside a nest egg for the family by cooking meth. Jackson said he admired Walter for taking things into his own hands. Yeah, like people's lives.

Walter is, of course, the "hero" or "antihero" (there seems to be little difference). Instead of leaving his family to bill collectors, he opts to bring psychotic assassins into their lives, destroy their relationships to him, devastate a young, aimless man looking for a "dad," blow things and people up, poison a child and let a young woman die before his eyes.

Good call, Walt.

Yes, this could be "unintended consequences," but the show's writers seem to delight in making us "root" for Walter and watch the show. I am no different--I watch.

But I know this is all a little perverse. If we think the country is turning into a road company of Lord of the Flies--BREAKING BAD may be bad for us.

It's almost over--or is it?

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