Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When employers go too far

We all know by now that the nosy parkers are going to be invading our health care. I had a new doctor's office ask me just yesterday for my Social Security number--why, are they going to pay me a salary? No! I said you don't need it.

But more insidious is this penalizing stuff--if you're fat, you get slapped with a higher premium. Smoker? Forget it!

A recent outrageous case was at Penn State, where, possibly to make up for all the money they spent on the Sandusky molestation case, they are heaping on the fines. One associate professor was docked $1200 because he would not fill out a health questionnaire.

Two thousand faculty members joined in the screaming!

Only 2% of employers use the "stick" rather than the "carrot" but this number will grow, I predict.

Also, recent studies show that forcing people into so-called healthy behaviors has no statistically detectable effect on health.

The faculty insists this whole gambit is to raise money for the university's Sandusky bills--though the school denies this.

What they don't deny is that employees must fill out a questionnaire from WebMD and undergo a preventive physical.

WebMD? Why do they get your medical records? This is getting wacky--tighten your seatbelt.

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