Tuesday, September 10, 2013

75% of Americans don't take their pills

I hate needing medication--I am suspicious of everything, as anyone who reads this site regularly knows all too well.

I also think people are snowed with a bunch of stuff from different doctors--no one ever looks at all of it. You need a pill to fix what another pill did!

And meds are spendy! Even with so-called insurance. Sometimes people take things every other day to save money.

Half the people on statins don't take them--supposedly raising their risk of a heart attack or certain cancers. But I won't take those, even if anyone suggested I should, so I would be in that group. You have to decide for yourself. I have talked to cardiologists who personally love them.

Only 30% of teens stick with their asthma medications.

Fewer than 2% of diabetics regularly monitor, take their meds, and follow their diet.

I do take BP meds--three kinds--hypertension is our family curse--even the skinny ones have it.

If you are noncompliant on meds, and I even stopped Vit D because it made me sick--then look at cutting the cost. First, see if you can get a generic. Check the website pharmahelper.com to find good online drugstores. Or get the pills by mail through your insurance. You will save on all these. Other sites are needymeds.org and pparz.org.

Ask the doctor if this is the most affordable drug--sometimes older ones even work better!

If you feel crummy, ask about side effects. Maybe you can switch to another drug.

I am torn--and I was shocked that only 2% deal with their diabetes. That seemed pretty low. Maybe I should stop being such a smart ass and front for more drugs.


Anna Maria said...

Hi Star..I found you by accident and I love this article on docs and meds and have read several other blog post and appreciate the honesty you write with. I too have blogged about incompetent docs and "poison" prescription pills and have a post coming up later this week about my latest ridiculous adventure at the doctors office.

I wish you would add a widget to allow folks to sign up for an email when you do a new post. Those work quite well and I like to know when someone I like to read writes something new. Very nice to find you.

Anna Maria said...

Star...can't find the other post but wanted to let you know my doctor prescribed Tramadol for pain and it doesn't interfere with BP medications. It's not as good as some of the other stuff but it might work better than Tylenol for you. I'm even sensitive to acetaminophens.