Thursday, September 26, 2013

Breaking bag

Let's face it--in the hail of screeching nutritional and diet advice, potato and corn chips are getting pummeled.

I love potato chips--the "classic" kind--all gnarly and irregular.

Bad, bad, bad--you are doomed if you eat them, blah blah.

So now come seaweed chips, bean chips, brown rice chips, even parsnip chips.

Anne-Marie Chaker, WSJ, Sept 25, 2103, says this is the answer to "permissible indulgence."

Almost a third of Americans eat 3-4 snacks a day in addition to meals. (Wow-really? You piglets.)

So now 71% of snack foods are making health claims.

Seaweed snacks are salty--the sea aspect.

Bean chips are based on...beans, not corn. Supposedly more fiber and protein.

But, alas, if you are worried about sodium and fat...chips from the exotic and from the humble spud are comparable.

And the serving sizes (recommended, not what real people eat) are tiny for the "healthy" ones.

And they can be spendy--how about $8 for raw kale chips?

But still--Snip Chips (parsnip-based snack form) in Cheezy Herb Truffle--bet you can't eat just one bag.

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