Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do your workouts leave you exhausted?

I have a pal who started working out a few days a week and says sometimes the sessions wear her out.

Hey--isn't exercise supposed to trigger endorphins and make you feel great--runner's high etc.?

Jennifer Alsever, WSJ, Aug 27, 2013, says the midday blahs are common.

Midday is actually the best time to exercise. It can give you an energy boost lasting three to four hours.

Of course--they did a study, 171 employees in a large Swedish dental health group. They were told to exercise during work hours and scored fewer sick days.

Working out at night too close to bedtime can interfere with sleep. In the morning, it can make you get up too early--interfering with sleep.

To avoid midday fatigue, experts recommend less vigorous workouts--70-80% of target heart rate.

If you work in a high stress environment, than a lower stress workout such as yoga might be good.

Mix it up through the week--cardio, core, flexibility.

Small snacks--fruit, yogurt--not stuff from the Dollar Menu--will help keep up energy. Also--sip water all day.

I guess we know all this--and most people cannot get all sweaty at lunch hour. So just do your best.


Anna Maria said...

Good advice...exercise is great medicine. I've just gone through a series of over 20 shots in my back to help alleviate arthritis and am finally able to resume my daily walks.

I noticed in a prior post you had B.P. problems. I began to also several years ago and it took this epidsode to find out you are NEVER supposed to take ansaids or narcotic pain killers with most BP medications.

Since I stopped an opted for the shots, my BP has been back to normal or below. So true, one pill can cause another to make you sicker than what you are being treated for and I don't think most doctors read the inserts on what they prescribe. I sure am from now on!

Star Lawrence said...

Oh, yes--this drug interaction deal is huge. I take a dose of Tylenol in the AM just to take the edge off the sore knees and then hobble around the rest of the time. Even then I worry about long-term use of acetaminophen (liver). My sister had the back shots--I don't think as many as you. She is still pretty crippled up and takes several painkillers--but is off the narcotic ones. We talk every day about wishing the pharmcos would develop a safe pain killer!! Either that or move the necessities to the front of the store (which they deliberately do not do) or have kitty litter drive-though. You think I'm kidding--I am not.