Monday, September 30, 2013

Dopey diets can be dangerous

I read in Allure about some diet spa where you take handfuls of pills. Gosh, what could go wrong?

Alene Dawson, LA Times, Sept 20, 2013, writes about some other weight loss fads.

Even celebs fall prey to this, with their Minus-Zero figures (yes, that is a size now).

According to this story, New York docs cannot believe the desperation of LA women who land in their exam rooms--make me smaller, at any cost.

Diet fads, one physician said, recycle every 10-12 years--just enough time for people to forget they don't work.

First, the potato diet. Like the baby food diet, cabbage soup, air diet, this one does not make sense. A diet of just potatoes with some fat is bad for your blood sugar. Anyhow, 1,200 cals of potatoes is the same as 1,200 cals of a more balanced array.

Juicing and cleanses. High in sugar--boosts insulin levels. These are often short-term starvation diets.

Gluten-free is another biggie now. Yes, gluten-free cuts junk, but there is a lot of gluten-free junk, too.

HCG shots is another hot mess. The real weight-loser is the 500-cal diet that is required. The FDA has warned against this since the 1970s.

Plus--you don't know what is in those shots--could be something you are allergic to.

Come on, people, use the old noodle...Ooooo, a noodle diet.

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Matt Fredrickson said...

Good article, how about the negative calorie diets?