Monday, September 16, 2013

Flu shot time again--new and better?

Sumath Reddy, WSJ, Sept 10, 2103, writes about flu shots. Oh, joy. They didn't work too well last year and I read that older people (such as moi) only got a 10% less chance of getting it.

This year, apparently, the ballyhooed shots and nasal sprays offer protection against a greater number of strains. (They try to guess which strains will arrive.)

A new vaccine is available for those allergic to eggs.

There is also a microneedle for the shot-averse.

Now is a good time to get shot up--it takes two weeks to get up to speed.

The CDC recommends the vaccine for anyone six mos or older. In 2011-2012, less than half got it. But this may be enough to achieve "herd immunity"--enough people won't get it to protect most of the rest of the "herd."

I won't get into the bivalent, quadrivalent, Type A, Type B, killed v weakened, stuff.

You can ask your pharmacist (where, by the way, in some states you can get the shot). You will pretty much get what the powers that be decide.

You don't want to give it to your kids or get it from them, meaning you can't take care of them.

Now--what about it's not working well on older people--who will land in the hospital--or worse?

Always somethin', as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say.


Anna Maria said...

The first flu shot I got years ago made me as sick as the flu would have so I swore I would never have one again. 20 years later my docs claimed they had improved so I let them try again and didn't get anything but a little red and hot around the injection site so have been getting them every year since.

I have no idea if they work on "older" folks are not. I'm only 75 but I haven't had the flu in quite a over 40 years.

Star Lawrence said...

My sister and I get them every yr, with various reactions. Sore arm, headache sometimes...worst is long waits while nurses or pharmacists fiddle around. We have not gotten it either--not since sis got the Hong Kong flu many decades ago. But all this proves nothing. I sort of get it just to keep a baby from getting it should it spread.