Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rx: Videogame

Older people may benefit from a special videogame, according to Evelyn M. Rusli, WSJ, Sept 5, 2013.

The Univ of California San Francisco did some research and found that older adults improved their multitasking and cognitive (thinking and memory) skills with a special videogame.

Apparently the study showed that older brains are more "plastic"--meaning adaptable--than often thought.

So this would be a positive outcome of videogaming.

One game in development is NeuroRacer--you navigate a car along a twisty track while hitting a key each time a symbol comes on the screen. Two tasks--multi--get it?

Older adults practiced and then outperformed untrained 20-yr-olds and the results lasted six months.

One user said it was hard at first then after a couple of hours, she felt a sort of "snap" and she got it. She was also more focused in her life as a real estate agent, she added.

The game will require FDA approval, which could be years.

Why not try other games, though--they use them for Parkinson's patients.

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