Monday, September 23, 2013

The doctor will talk to you anytime

I have a relative who was sick with that coughing thing going around and she called her primary--no return call. She also went to Urgent Care and they seemed unconcerned. I guess it was a virus and all they could do was cough medicine, but she was completely miserable, had not slept in nights and was crying her eyes out. The cough medicine made her vomit.

She might have been better off with the 27/7 Medical Plan--a form of telemedicine with 24-hour access to board-certified physicians, 24-minute average callback times, and 90% problem resolution.

You register your vitals when you enroll and the doctors can call in short term prescriptions for common drugs if they think you need one.

The cost is $25 to sign up, then $29.95 a month. Like a really reasonable concierge deal.

 You can even call from overseas.

You will speak to a doctor licensed in your state. They even check these doctors out--which from what I can see, is more than you can say for insurance plans.

Of course, this is best used for common ailments such as flu symptoms, bronchitis, allergies, pink eye, poison ivy, urinary tract infections, or ear and sinus infections--they can't fix a brain tumor over the phone.

Check it out at

Has anyone tried a service of this sort? Chime in!

Sometimes you just feel too lousy to even get to the doctor, even if someone else is driving. I have been there.


Anna Maria said...

I have the same problem with my primary care doctor...if I get sick with a minor illness between my regular three month check-ups, I have to go to an "emergency" clinic, which charges me and my insurance a lot more for things like UTI's or allergy problems. Then they wonder why healthcare cost's have skyrocketed. If I do complain of anything at the regular checkups...he doesn't treat it...he sends me to an expensive specialist. "Primary" healthcare doctors are a joke. I could do what he does. Sorry about your cyber bully.

Star Lawrence said...

When I got there the bully comment, whatever it was, was removed. By him or her. I agree that primaries seem to be specialist-referral specialists. I even heard from TV doctor, a primary, say Obama care will affect his care because he won't have the best specialists to refer to. I decided, only half-facetiously, that if my primary can't cure it, I am not getting it.