Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What will Obamacare cost ya?

Oh, who knows--time, sanity, gobs of money...Yes, you have to buy insurance, you don't just "get" it.

October 1 is supposedly the witching day--but I highly advise you not to be an early adopter. The fake-a-busters in Congress and posturing aside, something is going to change October 1 and you need to figure out what that means in your individual case. The bill was 2200 pages and the regs are in the tens of thousands. There is no geek anywhere who understands it all. It bristles with taxes, restrictions, cutbacks, tests they will nag you to get, services you don't need that you will pay for, who knows what all.

Supposedly big companies are excused from HAVING to provide insurance by that date--but some have announced that they are dropping their company insurance options and giving employees money to fend for themselves on the so-called exchanges. So read your mail and emails.

Some big insurance companies--the ones you have heard of, Aetna, United--are also deciding the exchanges in some states (CA, for example) might ruin them, so the companies on these lists may be lesser known--every heard of Molina? Centene? Magellan? What if they can't handle it? Then what do you do?

Remember those poor uninsured people? At this point, only about a third understand this and intend to get on the exchanges and fill their cart.

As for affordable--don't even GET me started. You may only pay $350 a month (and not everyone has that lying around), but what if the doctors (including yours) have dropped out of those networks--that could really cost ya. Not to mention the deductibles and copays. Some families may be looking at $1500 a month in premiums alone.

To see what you might need to pay and what part the govt will pick up, go to:

Then, my advice is--wait and see what happens before jumping in. The policies pick up Jan 1, anyway. Also, I am not too sure about these "helpers," these so-called navigators. Do you want them to have your health and personal info? Maybe a real insurance broker would be a better bet.

Oh--and seniors on Medicare? Don't do anything except change your own policy if you want on October 1--the exchanges are not about you.

In my case, I am on my knees thanking the diety for that! But that does not mean I am not sick over this for the rest of you.

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