Monday, October 07, 2013

Cheap shot on my part--or a lesson for us?

 Maybe this is an internet scam, but Snopes did not have it. Supposedly the young woman is Christine Keeler, the woman who almost toppled the British govt in a sex scandal 50 years ago and the older one is her now, as a poor woman living in govt housing.

Yes, we are all older--wrinklier--fatter--but have we all completely given up--no haircuts, no lipstick?

If you look good, you feel better. That is my philosophy. My mother was 95 when she died and we made sure she looked cute. My sister harassed her over lipstick--which took it too far and caused stress--but some effort is always worth it.

Or do you agree?

On a related subject, I saw an ad for Cigna health insurance telling "older" women that their wrinkles were marks of their deep life of wisdom and emotion. Oh, gag me. Wrinkles are the result of thinner skin, less underlying fat, and sun damage. How patronizing can you get. I am sure some young MAN in his twenties wrote that lame copy.

Let's be real, people.

As for Christine, I wish her well. I sometimes see people I knew in DC on the news. I have aged better, so there!

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