Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Columbia anatomy students rewrite their manual

Jason Bellini, WSJ, Oct 9, 2013, says medical schools are experimenting with ways to use computer technology to give students a better grasp of internal structures.

At Columbia, cadavers are still used, but iPads can enlarge pix of things the students should be looking for.

Some textbooks and workbooks are also digital.

At Columbia, the students even created the book to replace the 60-year-old favorite, "Grant's Anatomy Lab."

I wonder if they can ever build a complete simulated cadaver--to remove the smell, cringe factor, and scarcity of lovingly donated corpses.

Corpses--well, Halloween is coming. (I know, I am juvenile--these classes help students not to snip the wrong thing in surgery, which you do not want.)

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