Thursday, October 31, 2013

Docs question that testosterone gel stuff

You know the TV commercials where the guy rubs goo under his arms? Usually, I noticed, he is quite sexy--but we are supposed to believe that, alas, he has lost his mojo.

Elizabeth Rosenthal, NYT, Oct 29, 2013, says they often headline this--Have you lost your ability to play sports?" What they mean is, have you lost your ability to...well, you know.

Sales of skin-absorbed "T" are $2 billion a year in the US.

One problem: No one has proved it works and no one really knows the risks, but these may be heart disease and prostate cancer. A doctor at Scripps said some men are achieving "T" levels that are "ridiculously high."

Actually, there is no disease called "Low T."

And this stuff can cost $500 a month, with many insurers requiring only a low copay. So slather it on!

Low testosterone--measured, tested for--is rarely even a cause of erectile dysfunction. As for the decline in interest in playing sports, you are on your own. I am not sure there is medication for that.

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