Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Drowsy drinks

It was inevitable. People pounded in those 5-hr energy drinks and then were jittery and awake, so they needed a drink to relax them.

Sarah Nassauer, WSJ, Oct 2, 2013, says the marketplace is glad to provide Balance Relax, Neuro Bliss, and Marley's Yellow Mood (as in Bob Marley--who I believe used another calmer-downer, ganja).

These are often sold in the soda aisle, though they are not soda.

These, said one expert in the story, are the result of an over-medicated society. Amen to that one!

This is not water, said another, although the story said they are OK for most adults--the rub would come if they interact with your other meds--[all together now] check with your doctor.

Most of these contain melatonin--the sleep hormone. And valerian root.

Xanax in a can, said one doctor.

Promotes a "Chill Mentality."

Well, it costs more than melatonin--and people take them during the day. People that might be coming toward your car in their car.

Oh, well, I am a fuddy duddy--and darn tired without some overpriced herb drink.

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