Friday, October 04, 2013

Early flu in your area?

Out here in Cowboy Country--and we have heard from friends, in Washington state, and Tennessee--there is a bad bug going around. Fever and chills, then those sort of leave, and a bad cough ensues for weeks--so bad your ribs are screaming--then that lets up and horrible fatigue follows for weeks. This whole cycle lasts over a month.

One doctor here called it H1N1--swine flu. Finally a doctor here gave a stepped set of steroids that helped somewhat (suggest it--they won't).

I have been convinced for many years that some "germ" will get us before cancer (or, certainly, obesity) will.

According to a story by Robert C. Hutchinson in Emergency Management (July/Aug), the powers that be are currently worried about MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which kills the majority of people it infects.

This author wonders if we are ready for MERS to hit our shores (or probably fly in on a plane).

There have been three pandemics in the last 100 yrs--the Spanish flu in 1918 (500,000 Americans and 20 million people worldwide dead). The average life expectancy was reduced by 13 yrs.

Other pandemics in 1957 and 1968 killed millions, too. My sister and mother had the Hong Kong flu in 1968--and it was terrible.

The government updated the procedures in 2006. But there are many agencies that must coordinate--when they get the disease, then what? Are agencies prepared to shoot people who try to leave quarantine? I once wrote on the latter subject--they said they would.

A pandemic is a military event, not just a public health one.

Wait--isn't that why we have preppers? I once wrote on the bird flu, also--best for people to take care of the sick in their homes. The hospitals will be overrun pretty quickly.

Fun subject? Yeah, I thought so. Maybe a flu shot? Whaddya think?

At very least, if you are sick sick sick...don't go to work and spread it.

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Star Lawrence said...

I called the epidemiologist for AZ and he said they had no confirmed cases of H1N1, but yes, it was around the US. And it is in this year's flu shot. He suggested that people over 65 get the amped up dosage of the shot. Even if you do get a strain, with the shot, it will be less severe.