Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fake study--my work is never done

John Bohannon, a science journalist who received his doctorate in molecular biology at Oxford, submitted a fake study to 302 open-access medical journals over a period of 10 months.

Science printed it. Acceptances came more than rejections--Bohannon thought maybe 10% would bite.

All the journals charge submission fees.

Bohannon thought they were still reputable, but maybe not.

He called it a "sting" operation--outing journals with names similar to reputable ones.

Many of these open-access pubs are in India, he found, but look like they are in the US.

The danger is that patients consulting Dr Google will come across unvetted studies.

Still, it's hard for even experts to judge the vetting.  Bohannon suggests some independent monitoring agency.

Also, the better vetted studies should be made available online--maybe researchers will pay more for this to happen.

I see so much "pop" info--drink this, don't drink this, eat that, oh no, bad idea...Sometimes I hardly know what to tell you--but I do try to evaluate.

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