Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Manfluencers" changing look of groceries

According to Anne Marie Shaker, WSJ, Oct 17, 2013, companies are changing some foods and packaging to attract male shoppers--so-called manfluencers who are, according to one survey, responsible are for at least half of the grocery shopping and cooking.

Darker color schemes, black yogurt containers, larger portions, beer in long-neck bottles.

Instead of the digestive health advantages of yogurt, for example, the protein is emphasized. Builds abs!

Even frozen yogurt has been manned up. Tastes like premium ice-cream! Well, why didn't ya say so?

There has always been Hungry Man meals, but now "Helper" is getting a makeover. Crunchy Taco--NASCAR, yum!

Even dainty lattes are now COLD BREWED COFFEE, which comes out of kegs like Guinness.

Let me know when they make Lobster Helper. Otherwise, I am neutral.

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