Thursday, October 17, 2013

New child carseat rules coming

I thought it was so endearing when Prince Wills put the baby's carseat in himself (wrong, I heard) and also drove his family home from the hospital himself.

But I digress.

According to Maria LaMagna, WSJ, Aug 14, 2013, a proposed amendment to the federal motor vehicles safety standards, would require that a child's carseat be held by a seat belt and top tether, rather than a latch system--if the child and seat total more than 65 pounds.

Latch means lower anchors and tethers.

Ya lost me.

Well, kids are required to be in seats longer--up to 90 pounds in some cases.  Are today's seats up to it? Probably not. Or the cars--they need a anchor point under the cushions to attach seats to.

The laws on seats differ by state. New regs may require listing what weight the seats will take.

This is a better safe than sorry effort--no seats have failed at the higher weight.

Use your own judgment, in other words. If your state says until age 3, do it. Until age 8, do it.

Isn't parenting a riot?

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