Friday, October 25, 2013

OK, I'll say it: Candy is delicious!

I don't care what anyone says, candy is a good thing in life. It's been in every culture, the most fun articles I ever wrote were about it (including one for WebMD), and it's just plain a nice little corner of life.

And besides V-Day, what is candy day? Hint: It's coming up next week.

No, you would not flourish on an all-candy diet. No, kids don't need to have their mouths full of candy slurry all day long, but candy is not the arch enemy of health--in moderation, anyway.

According to Judith Messura, DMD, a dentist at Wake Forest Medical Center, in Winston-Salem, NC, cavities happen over time--they are not the result of Halloween.

Children should, of course, brush their teeth twice a day--for two-minutes a time (maybe an egg timer).

And at Halloween--and all other times--be aware that sticky foods like raisins, gummis, caramel, and candy corn tend to get into fissures in the teeth more than hard candy.

Foods such as string cheese and sugarless gum can increase saliva and neutralize acid in the mouth.

Brushing also should not be done too roughly.

But as long as you brush and rinse--a few sweets are OK for Halloween or any holiday.

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