Friday, October 18, 2013

This presentation touched my heart

As you might imagine, I am contacted by dozens of people and PR firms each month, asking me to feature their clients or products. I am not always so inclined, but for some reason, this one got to me.

Cavin Balaster is a musician who sustained a horrible traumatic brain injury--and I am interested in concussion and even wrote a booklet on it (

Most people who get what he had lapse into a vegetative state but after a few weeks in a coma--he woke up. Unlike in the movies, this is not a zippy process--the patient does not say, "Oh, hi, where am I?"

You'll see.

Watch the video on this site:

It's worth a few minutes.

Cavin is trying to make lemonade out of this pretty crummy situation. I think on Kickstarter if he does not each his goal of $15K in money to publish his book and distribute his music, he gets none of it.

So--it's your call.

PS I wish there were a Pay Pal option, but there does not seem to be.

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