Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hot stoves hurting more people

I was going to write: Duh, don't touch a hot stove.

But apparently, people do it. Everyday five Americans are treated for scalds and burns from hot or poorly installed stoves.

Children are twice as likely to get burned. Older adults are twice as likely as kids to trip over a pulled out drawer on the stove.

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine says we need more education on this.

More than half of stove injuries are from contact with a hot stovetop, followed by a hot stove door (oven--done it), and the interior of the stove.

People also go to the ER for stove-related muscle strains. Taking heavy casseroles out?

I used to have a flat stovetop that stayed hot. There was a little light meaning the top was hot--but I have bad vision. Soooo....

Now I have a stove with coil burners and stuff falls under them.

Come to think of it, these stoves are out to get us.

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