Thursday, November 07, 2013

Kids conceal concussions

You know kids--they are tricky. The cross their fingers behind their back and think it excuses lying.

And--despite all the lectures from docs, coaches, moms, dads, phone apps, etc.--if they take a bad shot to the head in a game, they minimize it. They don't lie there begging for their baseline reactions to be retested to see how bad they are. They get up and get back in the game.

Jan Hoffman, NYT, Nov 5, 2013, says it's the ones who know a concussion when they get one (also the people where a new concussion is more serious) that do this.

Nausea, double vision, headache, confusion--just play it out.

The writer talks about one youngster who took a hit, then avoided eye contact with his coach because he knew he looked dazed.

Sure enough, that player got a sixth concussion and it was so bad, he had to take Ritalin and get someone else to take notes for him in class. That was the end of football.

The Institute of Medicine and National Research Council recently released a report on concussion--and one aspect was the "culture of resistance" among HS and college athletes.

This is also described as the machismo of sports.

Or try stupidity of sports.

A broken finger looks horrible and may stop play. A concussion does not look horrible but SHOULD stop play.

I wrote a booklet on concussion for parents and kids. It's a brain injury--brain damage--sound serious?

Check out for more info.

Come on, kids--be smart if you are not too concussed to be smart.

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