Monday, November 04, 2013

Look out for gout

I am so sick of this chronic pain deal. My own bod is my enemy--arthritis. But for me, it's the knees.

Arthritis affects 46 million Americans, half over 65. It comes in many forms, two of which affect the feet, esp the big toe joint.

One doctor says it's truly remarkable what suffering can come from toe joint pain. Many patients, though, try to blow it off and suffer in silence.

Gout and hallus rigidis (rigid big toe) affect the feet.

Gout is inflammatory--sharp acid crystals are deposited in the toe joint. Yow! The toe can be red and hot to the touch.

Risk factors for gout are drinking beer and liquor more than wine, eating s diet rich in meat and seafood, being obese, and having high blood pressure.

The rigid big toe thing comes from regular osteroarthritis--joint wear and tear.

Symptoms are pain when you push off your toes to walk, swelling, a bump on top of the foot (bone spurs), an inability to bend the toe downward, and a tendency to walk on the side of your foot.

The doctor will suggest anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Maybe ice packs. Or ice baths alternating with hot soaks. You will also want to wear shoes with room in the toe box.

Don't thing--it's just a toe. It's torture! Or is that toe-ture?

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