Friday, November 15, 2013

Making hospitals less scary for kids

Is there anything more pathetic than a seriously ill child--they are having their turn to have a life, then disaster...It's so glaringly unfair you just can't stand it.

Laura Landro (WSJ, Nov 12, 2013) wrote about ways hospitals are trying to make a stay less awful for little kids.

Just think--the needles, IVs, clanking machines, anesthesia, bright lights--I am an adult and can't stand these things.

Three million kids are "medically complex" and 5% more are added each year.

Hospitals use dolls and puppets for "medical play." They have special painfree injection routines.

They also give the kids a tour before surgery--so they can see what's what.

They even have digital videos kids can watch inside MRIs.

At a hospital near here in Phoenix--Cardon Children's--they never perform painful procedures in the patient's room--that is a safety zone.

When something "bad" happens, the kids go to the Toy Closet after for a fun toy to play with. Even the Spanish-speaking kids know the phrase "Toy Closet."

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