Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Making it harder to get to food can slow eating

Of course, it you put a burger at the end of a mud run, people will eat fewer burgers--but some evidence suggests that even wrapping pieces of candy in paper can cut the number of pieces people eat.

In a study in the Dec issue of Appetite, scientists showed that even a small obstacle can cut consumption.

They did some studies in Switzerland. In one, 60 women were divided into three groups and invited to sample some candy. For one group, the candy was unwrapped, while the other two groups had dishes of wrapped candy.

The ones with the wrapped candy were asked to put the wrappers in a nearby dish and in the second wrapped group, in a distant bin.

The wrapped group ate 3.6 pieces each, while the unwrapped group ate 5.5 pieces. The distance to chuck the wrappers made no difference.

Another study looked at whether being required to use tongs was a consumption-cutting obstacle. Tongs cut the consumption even of the delish chocolates, much less the dried apricots.

Oh, good grief--these studies. Just give me the candy. This is how people make a living?

To me, leaving a pile of empty wrappers would be a deterrent. Embarrassing!

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