Thursday, November 14, 2013

No, no--stupid--don't do this

Oh, here is a great idea--a bar where you are hooked up to a vitamin IV.

It's called The Drip Room, and regrettably, it's here in the Phoenix area. It's a membership based club where you go to get vitamins dripped into you. Also offered--oxygen and good smells.

Vitamin IV's, apparently, have been used for years by celebrities. (And Michael Jackson had some twit anesthetize him to death, what is your point?)

This IV thing is for the dehydrated, hungover, aging, jet lagged, or people with dry skin and the blahs.

Drink a glass of water or tea. Take a Flintstone. Cheaper, if not cooler.

I need all my readers--don't do dumb things, such as this, or letting fish nibble your feet, or weird cleanses made of ground up brillo pads or something.Some people even get industrial silicon injected in at-home parties. Yeah, what could go wrong there?


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