Thursday, November 21, 2013

Please, please do not do this to us

Just because something can be done does not mean it should be. Oh, if only inventors and innovators would remember this.

Doctors are divided on those yearly blood tests for healthy people--but now researchers at the Intermountain Center Heart Institute in Murray, Utah, and Harvard's Brigham & Women's Hosp in Boston have gone that test one better.

They are taking the CBC--complete blood count--and manipulating the data in it to tell when you will die.

Or at least, your risk for death.

This allows them, they say, to pay less attention to those at low risk.

And--in my opinion--terrorize those at high risk.

The info is mostly available, so the test is cheap. They are doing a study now where some docs will get the score for half their patients and researchers will see if it helps them treat the doomed half differently.

You know--some days I think: Just leave us alone!

Would you want your death score? Is it like learning the gender of your baby?

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