Friday, November 01, 2013

Postpartum is more than losing baby weight

Can you stand those sunny stories of H'wood celebs returning to Size Zero a week after giving birth?

They always seem to get those basketball attached to a skeleton pregnancy figures, don't they? At least Kim K got cankles!

In the real world as I know it, first, the boobs get huge, then the whole body seems to pooch out four inches all around. Then comes the beer belly! Without the beer.

Sarah Nassauer, WSJ, Oct 15, 2013, now cheers us with the fun news that way more is at stake than getting back in your old clothes.

Stretched, weakened and misaligned muscles and bones can plague you the rest of your life.

We have older pregnancies, now, closer-together ones, more twins...Bad news for the old bod. C-sections cause internal scarring. One woman started running a year after her baby and her six-pack muscles...separated.


She had to strengthen her "core."

During pregnancy, docs recommend no situps and getting out of bed by rolling on your side and using your arms.

And there is the incontinence. You should get the doctor to check your pelvic floor after birth. Forty percent of women 60 to 79 report pelvic floor problems (leaking).

So just getting back into those jeans is not the whole magilla. Fun to come.

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