Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Say thanks--and mean it

I don't mean this to sound like some sort of icky sap-fest, but so often we say "thank you" and don't even hear ourselves, much less mean it.

Scott Ebin wrote about this in Government Executive magazine, Nov 26, 2013.

It really is quite a miracle that even with our worries and aches and pains, we are able to traverse this planet, think, create, and love others. THANKS!

You need to find people in your community who really deserve thanks.

This means being mindful--making an effort.

We emailed two fast food places recently thanking a window person for good service. We get so much indifferent service at those places--items missing, mumbled replies. Both times, the managers emailed us immediately and thanked us profusely. Mindful thanking from both sides.

You need to be in the "now," see what is good about the present moment.

Slow down, banter with people, make eye contact, smile.

It's so easy it's ridiculous not to. I don't even have a positive attitude!


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