Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Young women losing interest in ess-ee-x

We usually think of older women as having low libido at a certain stage, but according to Larisa Wainer, PsyD, a psychologist with the Morris Psychological Group, says low desire is more common in older women, but when younger women experience it, they get more upset.

But desire in women fluctuates--women should know this.

Some causes are medications, such as birth control and antidepressants. Sometimes changing the dose can help.

Many illnesses affect libido---thyroid, cholesterol, high BP.

Hormonal changes, of course--from childbirth and breastfeeding. Staying up all night with a baby can also cut into desire.


Then there is poor body image ("I am fat," "I am bloated"). Or moral messages--"It's a sin."

Or--relationship factors--"He may be cheating." Or: "He does not look at me like he used to." Or "He is gross, when did he last take a shower?"

The best way to fix this is to fix on a cause.

One cause? This makes it sound impossible to anyone to have fun!

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