Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Crazy hard health insurance confusion

I follow this stuff and I can't tell you what to do or not do.

My own daughter has thrown up her hands--accept some plan from where she works (which was too expensive before so she doesn't have it) or just see what happens to her. Will they send the black choppers?

Supposedly you need to sign up by midnight tonight (Christmas Eve, people--did you think of that?) to get insurance to cut in Jan 1. What? You didn't pay yet or the check did not clear? No problem--the govt will pay and figure it out later. What could go wrong there? The govt did not pay and you cannot get that operation--who do you call, the United Nations?

All of this is not provided by law--but no one can sue until it goes south completely.

So give it a week or two. And you may have until Mar 31 to sign up if you don't care about the Jan 1 deadline. And they can't fine you anyhow--that is a mess, too.

By the time they figure out the people who lost plans in the first round and those who were uninsured who actually want it now--it will be time to throw 75 million off employer insurance and into the pit.

And of course, having cut Medicare by almost a trillion--they will get to that eventually, too.

So what the hey--drink some grog, hug your family, open presents, and try not to think!

Merry Christmas all! And to all Good Health!! We are going to need it.

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