Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do we need science to prove the obvious?

Joe Queenan is a humorist, but sometimes real life is funnier than any humorist can say. In the Nov 16, WSJ, Queenan takes on "science," notably what studies try to tell us.

First, maybe you heard about the study that "proved" men like to ogle women's bodies. They don't look at the eyes (farther up, if you need to know). AND--the more curvaceous she is, the longer they don't look at her face.

Let's see. Another study showed that if the doctor owned a piece of the MRI machine, the less likely it would be to reveal a problem. Could it be that MRIs were done, you know...a lot? Even on people with nothing wrong?

Those cheap magnets people wrap around their wrists don't work.

Married patients tend to do what they are supposed to to fight cancer--and thus do better. We call that nagging on our planet.

Drinking too much alcohol makes it harder to drive an 18-wheeler. Good to know.

Dishonest people can't be trusted.

Brain surgeons are smarter than jocks.

More people get killed by bee stings than by sharks--but people prefer the bees. Maybe it's because sharks are messy eaters, Queenan ventures.

Actually, I think Queenan ventured a lot of this...

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