Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hope for the iced and snowed in

I see from the news that many of you are under the white stuff or the slippery stuff or the wintry mix, as they like to call general crappiness.

So think about spring gardens--for a nice minute. Some gardens are underway now--in cold frames.

The New York Institute of Technology om Old Westbury, NY, has a community garden.

Actually, many colleges and universities do. Some even loop in local seniors to help.

They teach and learn organic gardening, composting, and good nutrition.

They also learn to cook their efforts--pasta and kale, chicken with sauteed Swiss chard, greens with white beans.

They also learned a lot about bugs, one student said. Cabbage worms are nasty.

No argument there.

I think this is nice and worthwile for a college.

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