Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa is 550--what about his health?

Dr. Thomas Cavalieri, a geriatrician and founder of the New Jersey Institute of Successful Aging, part of the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, says aging is more than adding years--it means adding LIFE to your years.

So how is Santa doing?

Well, he's fat. In the 1823, A Visit from St Nicholas, Santa was described as "chubby and plump." Now, 190 years later, he could still drop a few el-bees. Maybe by skipping those billions of cookies kids leave out.

He used to smoke, but lately is not seen with his "stump of a pipe...held tight in his teeth." Maybe Santa is PC now.

Santa drinks milk. This is a good source of bone-building Vit D and calcium. Does he stick to skim? Does Santa drink anything else--well, I would not deny him a slug of brandy in his cocoa, but this has not been proved.

Santa must also work out. He only "works" a job one night a year, but needs to stay "lively and quick." Climbing down chimneys is not recommended for the public, by the way.

Santa may have some memory issues. He has to "make a list and check it twice." Making toys should keep him smart--reading plans and blueprints.

Santa has pets--the reindeer may be lowering his BP.

Santa has a long relationship with the missus. Married people tend to do better and even survive cancer better.

So, overall, Santa is hanging in there! And to all a good night!

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