Monday, December 02, 2013

Some hospitals prescribe yogurt

Laura Landro, WSJ, Nov 18, 2013, reports that one hospital, Holy Redeemer in Meadowbrook, PA, is experimenting with pushing yogurt to counter an uptick in infections.

They also are handy with the bleach, scrubbing surfaces.

Yogurt is in the arsenal of probiotics--helpful live bacteria that fight horrible bugs, such as C. diff.

Patients on antibiotics, of course, can kill the good bugs in their system--thus the yogurt, which contains replacement good bugs.

Clostridium difficile--C. diff--can colonize your innards and produce a toxin that gives you diarrhea and dehydrates you. People--usually older people--die of it. About 14,000 a year.

Alcohol-based cleaners don't kill the spores, though soapy handwashing may.

The hospitals are adding the yogurt before the symptoms from the antibiotics really get going. This can cut the risk of antibiotic-induced diarrhea by 60%.

What probiotics and how much--not really known. In fact, some docs think probiotics can also cause trouble.

They also do "stool replacement" for C.diff--to put in some healthy mix of bugs, someone else.

I have to go now.

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