Friday, December 13, 2013

Washing machine for (support) dogs

Don't get your hopes up--Old Yeller is not taking over the laundry duties.

But a company in England--JTM Service--has designed a washing machine support dogs can use to wash their owner's clothes for them.

Support dogs already can strip beds, fill laundry baskets, and empty washers--now this is the next step.

The machine responds to a dog's bark.The liquid soap loads automatically. When it's done, a push of the paw opens it so the dog can unload it.

I am not sure on the folding--did I take it too far?

Neat, huh?

To see this in action, go to

Sorry about the Santa pix--but the other pix were videos. Check it out. There is a cute shot of a good boy opening a machine.

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