Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Watch out for shin splints if you plan some exercise burst

I had shin splints once in the Wayback. Yowie!!

But they are something to prevent or look out for if you plan to "start" exercising--say after January 1.

They were written up in the WSJ on Dec 3, 2013.

First, the symptoms. You take off running or doing some unfamiliar power walking or something and get shooting pains in the bone running from knee to foot down the front of your leg. And I mean SHOOTING.

Not only is your shinbone irritated but fibers of tendons and muscles are torn. This can happen most often if you switch up running surfaces--grass, to asphalt, to cement.

To prevent this, start off slowly. Try for a 15% increase in activity per week. Warm up--maybe even a hot compress.

Get your footwear from a store where they know their cookies. Be sure you are fitted properly. And replace shoes every 300-400 miles.

Shin splints affect both legs. If only one leg hurts--it could be a stress fracture.

If you get shin splints, you can modify your routine--but you don't have to quit. I remember my father saying they get better if you run--and they seemed to.

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