Friday, December 27, 2013

When the skin is kissing the body good-bye

Dry skin! I live in the desert. We have it. But even in cold climes, your epidermis can crisp up.

This is called xerosis--zero moisture.

Two dermatologists, Joshua Fox, MD, and Barry Silver, MD of Advanced Dermatology in Roslyn Heights, NY, say look for lotions with humectant--and urea. At least 15% urea and 15% alphga-hydroxy to slough off dead cells.

What causes dry skin? Age, for one. Also scrubbing over overcleansing. Bathing too much or in too hot water. Toweling off too hard. Central heating. Over-exposure to the run, even in cooler climes.

Forget wash cloths or loofahs, the docs say.

Use soap with no fragrance or alcohol.

Try not to scratch.

Use a sunscreen even in winter.

If you have large areas that are peeling or ...oozing..hate that word...time for the doc.

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