Monday, December 30, 2013

Your health landscape in coming year

Actually, I have no idea what your health landscape will be. But I can speculate. If you don't have Medicare (they are coming for us later), you may be worried all year about losing your employer-based insurance and having to scavenge through the dumpster of come late fall.

Or...You may be wondering if the plan you just "got" on or a state exchange will actually cover you come Jan 1.

But even if it does, you may have to "cover" the first $5K or more yourself before it cuts in--except for that colonoscopy or mammogram you have been wanting.

How about your pills--the ones your body is used to--that is also a crapshoot. You may be to try a few other ones.

If you are like us out here in AZ, whatever doctor you have may SEND you to the ER if he or she has no same-day appts for you if you are sick.

Or you may be like us--we go where the wind takes us--drug store clinic, urgent care, ER, doctor, anyplace where we can get someone to take a look at our rash or test our urine for UTIs. We try to look at not seeing our regular doctor as getting a second opinion--all good, right?

This last is what the smarties like to call the "convenience revolution" in health care. In other words, we cobble together some solution to non-acute situations.

And we will all have to get much better at it!

The smarties? You know who they are. The bland MIT guys and cadaverous Harvard guys who thought all this up. Of course, they won't be on a Bronze plan anytime soon.

Like good, inventive, and brave Americans that we are, we will try to find some corner of this mess that doesn't hurt us too badly and get beneath the radar. Then the smarties can say how great this is working.

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