Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Docs now expected to bone up more

Laura Landro, WSJ, Jan 21, 2014, says doctors now face new requirements to stay certified.

Does this include doctors in AZ? I have never met worse ones in any state.

Now, physicians get recertified every 10 years--but the American Board of Medical Specialties has been asking that doctors show they are current more often. The American Board of Internal Medicine, for instance, asks doctors to choose continuing ed activities at two years and five years--within the 10 yrs.

These activities include taking open-book tests, or projects showing how their practices help people with chronic conditions. They also must conduct patient surveys about their practice and bedside manner.

In short, they are asked to keep up with their field, listen to their patients, and improve.

Clinical skills--studies show--can deteriorate over time. Doctors also become complacent.

Some doctors have resisted the new dictates--or even sued. They contend that state licensing requires them to be current.

As a devil's advocate--what if you had to take courses in your field every 2-5 yrs? Still, I have ailments caused by poor doctoring, so I tend to think this is a good thing.

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