Friday, January 10, 2014

We say we do more exercise than we do--well, duh

In Ann Lukits research roundup, WSJ, Jan 7, 2014, we learn that people lie about how much they exercise.

Since lying is the new way of every day speech, to me this is almost a given.

Some scientists published a study in the Jan issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise involving 1,751 men and women from 18 to 84 (Norwegians). Close to half--47%--were fat.

Each person got a questionnaire and an activity meter to be worn on the wrist.

They measured movement and sedentary times.

The total time spent on activity between men and women was about the same, but men reported 56 additional minutes of walking and moderate exercise. Women over-reported by 52 minutes.

As for vigorous activity, men and women reported 20 minutes and 12 minutes, respectively--but the wrist meter said 2.9 minutes and 2.4 minutes. Ooops.

Both men and women under reported the sedentary periods, with women being a little more honest.

I am surprised men and women were so close. I think of macho guy types as wildly overhyping their manly workouts. I guess I was wrong.

I do have to say--when you are exercising, time just SEEMS to slow down.

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