Thursday, February 06, 2014

Couples may benefit from the movie cure

Did you know there is a three-year divorce rate? I guess this is when couples start taking for granted, resenting their set roles, or start yelling at the person they love the most.

Ronald Rogge, associate prof of psychology, and his team, did a study of newlyweds (Dec issue of J of Consulting and Clinical Psych). They divided newlyweds into conflict management classes, compassion and acceptance training, and awareness through film.

The first two groups met with professionals for practice sessions and did homework. The movie group was self-directed and took less time.

The couples watched TWO FOR THE ROAD, a 1967 comedy about a 12-yr relationship and how it evolved. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY was another one.

They also got a list of 47 movies featuring intimate relationships and were told to watch one a week for a month and discuss for 45 minutes.

All three groups cut divorce to 11% compared with 24% in the control group.

The advantage of the movie thing is it's easy, not threatening, recreational, fun. And there can be popcorn. I added the popcorn.

I would say if you can get a guy to watch four chick flicks a month, you may not be getting divorced anyhow--but you know how I am.

You can find the movie list at http://www/

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