Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doctor ratings--entertaining or useful?

So far, I am not impressed with the Yelp (and RateMDs and Healthgrades) type reviews of doctors--but I do post and read them.

Now, with more Americans losing their docs, more and more are trying to find someone else reputable with an efficient office and a decent education.  Apparently, according to one survey, two-thirds of Americans know rating sites exist. For two-thirds of Americans to know ANYTHING is huge.

In this study, 35% picked a doctor because of a good rating, and 37% avoided one because of a bad rating. What did the other ones do--shrug?

No one knows how reliable these ratings are--surely one bad review can give a doc a bad rating--this may not be fair.

Some sites such as Healthgrades has patients rate docs on many markers--communication skills, friendliness of staff, how easy it is to get an urgent appointment, etc. The written reviews from patients are given less weight.

Stats show most people ask their friends and relatives for a recommendation. I don't do that--my sister is alll about whether a doctor is "nice." I tend to want smart and "gets me."

It's all pretty sketchy.

I have seen reviews that say: "No wonder there is no ring on her finger" and another one, "Go after lunch--he takes his antidepressants at lunch."

Yeah, maybe I will stay sick.

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