Friday, February 07, 2014

Here kitty, kitty--YOW!

Middle-aged women are the most likely victims of cat bites--shocker!

But here is a shocking statistic--one in three of those bites warrants hospitalization, according to the Mayo Clinic..

Cats' teeth inject bacteria deep into joints and tissue. When the organisms get into the tendon sheaths, they are shielded from the immune system.

When a bite is that bad, it needs to be flushed out and the infected tissue removed.

Bites on the wrist or fingers, especially joints, are especially bad and carry a higher risk of hospitalization.

I have a Flamepoint Siamese like the one  in the pix (although we took away his guns). He bit me several times, once so bad my hand looked like an olive green boxing glove. I had to get a tetanus shot.

So, if Mr Puss gives you a nip--you may need it tended to. Don't be a hero.

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