Thursday, February 27, 2014

Infrared thermometers--OK for kids?

As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say (when SNL was funny), "It's always somethin.'"

The other day, I read docs should take your BP in both arms and compare it. It you are old and there is a big difference between the arms, you are doomed, or something--I glazed over. I can hardly get these people to take it by hand (not the sadistic auto-crusher) and get a reading on one arm!

Now, Laura Johannes, WSJ, Feb 18, 2014, says some people consider getting kids to sit still for 2 mins with a thermometer under their tongue is an awful ordeal. So what about those thermometers you swipe across the forehead or just wave at the kid?

Turns out the rascals can foil those, too--by squirming and fidgeting.

The forehead has the temporal artery underneath--warm blood to be measured.

But--if the kid is sweating, the forehead skin can get cooled--bad reading.

The gold standard--the beloved rectal thermometer. The "normal" reading is higher.

Tell the doctor which thermometer you used.

I also heard they don't think 98.6 is "normal" anymore. Make up your minds, people!

To me, you can put your hand on a kid's head and tell. Also their eyes look "funny."

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