Friday, February 14, 2014

Manga comics can make you healthier

In a pilot study in Brooklyn, minority students exposed to Manga (Japanese comic art) promoting fruit intake selected better snacks.

Well, duh---we should all read more comics.

Snacks, pointed out the lead researcher at the New York School of Public Health and Hunter College, constitute 27% of young people's intake.

The study was set in two after-school programs in the summer and fall of 2011. The kids were about 11--890% African-American or Hispanic, 54% female.

Manga is intensely involving--kids get immersed the graphic and text story.

One group read a Manga comic titled "Fight for Your Right to Fruit," the others a non-health related comic. The groups were offered snacks--either oranges, apples and other fruit, or chips and crackers. Sixty-one percent of the fruit manga group picked fruit as opposed to 35% of the non-fruit group.

More comics! I am onboard--we all need to read more comics. And eat more fruit.

Papaya, anyone?

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