Thursday, February 20, 2014

Memories--of youth

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire say that by the time people are 25, they have made the most important memories of their life.

They base this on asking older adults to tell their life stories--and the transitions were their strongest memories--many of which occurred in the beginning of their lives--marriage, children, etc.

Other memorable transitions--moving, college, first job, military service.

This is based on 34 members of an active retirement community. All participants were white, 76% had at least an undergrad degree.

They found a big reminiscence bump between 17 and 24. This is a term for a time where there were a lot of memories.

What is it about 15-30 that is so memorable?

Do you think this is even true? I sometimes mull over past events--and they are from 35ish and up. My twenties were party time--I had a big job, money, no responsibilities. Then the real stuff started.

How about you?

Maybe the people they asked just remembered earlier stuff better--saving it out to the disk.

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