Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Now the lab can send you test results directly

Skip the middleman or woman known as the physician. Now, under the administration's direction, labs can send you your test results directly without the doctor approving it.

I always get mine sent--but from the doctor. Apparently 13 states prevent labs from sending them directly--but now they can.

It has long been known that some results fell in the cracks. Supposedly 7% of negative results never were reported to patients. I have read higher precentages.

No news is not good news--there are many ways results can go astray. I have written about this.

But how will people react to the report--with "ABNORMAL" written in red?

The administration says patients "are grownup and smart." Well, I wonder.

I do this for a living, but I still want a doc to look it over. What do you think?

At very least, readers, I urge you to call for results if the doctor's office does not call you. Close the loop.

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